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With over 30 years experience in the timber industry, Glenfort take great care in the manufacturing process to produce an outstanding and visually pleasing centerpiece for your building design. All component parts are manufactured in our workshops by our experienced craftsmen, from the best quality timbers.

Home owners today want their property to be unique and individual, we will help you do this by adding character and appealing touches. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of timber and wood products for both domestic and commercial use. Our products range from shelf fireplace mantels, rustic timber beams, to feature trusses. All our projects are undertaken with a focus on excellence and are delivered and fitted in a professional manner, on time and on schedule.

From initial contact through to completion, we will provide you with a personal, friendly and professional service taking in all your considerations and budget expectations. We would be delighted to have you visit our workshops or contact us to discuss any ideas you may have, our designers and fitters are happy to work with you throughout the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. With Glenfort Timber Engineering you can be assured that you are dealing with an experienced company at the forefront of design, manufacture and installation of bespoke, traditional and contemporary wooden and timber structures.

The environmental benefits of structural timber buildings are becoming more apparent and thus enjoying a revival, Glenfort is leading the way in combining the highest quality craftsmanship with stunning traditional and contemporary designs. At Glenfort, all of our timber comes from managed woodlands, where two or more trees are planted for every one felled. Our timber is sourced from mills using sustainable and renewable forestry practices giving you the satisfaction of owning an ecologically friendly structure. Our three main timbers are: Oak, Douglas fir and Glulam are all ideal materials for frame construction and provide a sustainable source of raw material.

Oak wood has it’s own distinct grain and texture. The assortment and complexity of patterns in the wood gives it an appearance that is very distinct from other hardwood, such as cherry or maple. Our oak timber can display prominent rings, vertical strips, wavy figures, intermittent flecks, ray-like projections or any combination of these patterns. Oak wood is strong, hard and very resistant to moisture and the elements. Our designers and craftsmen have found it to be ideal for building support beams because of its durability – this can be seen in many historical houses and buildings built from oak during the 1800s that are still standing over a century later. Oak was also has been a favourite of shipbuilders of old because of its incredible strength and resistance to rot and decay. Douglas fir is are naturally a very light brown in colour, are again favoured by our craftsmen for making strong frames indoors. The grain on Douglas are straight with little to no waves, this type of timber has a beautiful fragrance and is very resistant to moister and the elements

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