Feature Truss

At Glenfort we specialise in the manufacture of high quality feature roof trusses. Our trusses are not only decorative and an attractive feature within a building but are also structurally designed to support the roof above.

As a fully bespoke design and build company we pride ourselves in our ability to fabricate any design whether it be traditional oak trusses or contemporary styles, all while providing engineers calculations and the relevant structural requirements necessary to satisfy building regulations.



Traditional Truss

Of all the elements of traditional timber frame buildings, it is the feature roof truss that is most responsible for creating the open spaces and soaring structures that characterize a room.

Here at Glenfort we take great care in manufacturing our feature trusses with tried and tested traditional mortise and tenon joints that give a timeless appeal to any room.

Contemporary Truss

Despite the fact that Glenfort is built on traditional joinery and building processes, we can always match customer demands by developing and manufacturing contemporary style trusses. These provide a simple, clean, and uncluttered look that will complement any modern structure. We can create an edgy modern aesthetic for your project by adding sleek stainless steel and black iron components into our designs while retaining the character of our superior timbers.